About Me

Hiiii thanks for checking out my blog!

My name is Komi ! I'm in my late 20s, a transsexual (love/loves, it/its, fae/faer), autistic, and I'm fully mute ^.^

I'm obviously really into music (it's kind of my favorite thing in the world and biggest special interest), but I also really love old jrpgs, film, perler bead art, modifying old tech, reading (mostly various fields' theory and so much Freud), and lately have been getting into horror as a genre!

Whereas I started really studying piano on 11/11/23, I do have a bit of a musical background! I was a working jazz and R&B saxophonist for a few years, but had to stop because of wrist injuries from overwork that required around 2 years of physical therapy (It was especially scary given that i depend on ASL to communicate). I assumed I'd never get to play music again but after the physical therapy combined with over a year or so more of rest I found that the piano doesn't hurt! So now I consider it my main instrument and am dedicating myself to learning it >:3

During my time as a saxophonist, I did use a keyboard to work out chords to songs I was learning by ear, and I do know theory well I think so I'm not starting entirely from scratch with keys, but I also didn't know my major scale fingerings until picking it back up so I'm definitely a beginner with it (for now >:3)

My favorite musical genre is probably jazz, but I'm also really into hyperpop, various experimental electronic musics, neosoul, and alternative R&B! Given that I come from a saxophone background, a lot of my biggest influences are saxophonists (Charlie Parker, Phil Woods, John Coltrane, Miguel Zenon, and Kenny Garrett especially). As for pianists I think my absolute favorite is Bill Evans with Mccoy Tyner as a close second ^.^ but I also love Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, and Thelonious Monk.

If you need to contact me for any reason, you can do so at shyolet@protonmail.com