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Hiii thanks so much for visiting my piano blog!

My name's Komi, and I made this site to document learning the piano! I'm primarily interested in learning jazz, so most of my focus will be on that ♡

I used to play the saxophone, and something that I always wished I had was a log of music and recordings as I was learning and improving, so that I could look back and feel accomplished at how far I've come as an artist ^.^ I made this site in part to prevent having the same regret in my most recent attempt at learning music, as well as an easy place to share my music as I go :3

On top of recordings, I'll also be sharing some music thoughts, likely some reviews of albums I find intriguing, and sharing sheet music of transcriptions and compositions I do ^.^ I hope that you enjoy!

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Recent Thoughts :3

6/04/24 Oops, I haven't udpated in a few months, sorry !! I have lots of stuff ready to record and have still been working hard, i promise hehe ^.^ I recently moved states shortly after getting some medical work done, hence the absence. I hope to update more frequently again soon though!!

I think the next song I want to record id called Ailes Grises from the anime Haibane Renmei. The anime deeply affected me, and I find the song really beautiful. I'd also like to start recording some of the technique work i practice c: