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Hiii thanks so much for visiting my piano blog!

My name's Komi, and I made this site to document learning the piano! I'm primarily interested in learning jazz, so most of my focus will be on that ♡

I used to play the saxophone, and something that I always wished I had was a log of music and recordings as I was learning and improving, so that I could look back and feel accomplished at how far I've come as an artist ^.^ I made this site in part to prevent having the same regret in my most recent attempt at learning music, as well as an easy place to share my music as I go :3

On top of recordings, I'll also be sharing some music thoughts, likely some reviews of albums I find intriguing, and sharing sheet music of transcriptions and compositions I do ^.^ I hope that you enjoy!

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Recent Thoughts :3

2/17/24 I was planning on recording the Erik Satie's Three Gymnopedies this past wednesday but because of having several doctor appointments this week as well as my covid booster shot, I felt too unwell to. Initially I was kind of disappointed about it, but honestly I think the pieces are benefitting from the extra practice time :o

The third one in particular I want to make sure to do justice to, as it's a favorite of mine. It requires such a delicate yet deliberate touch, and is deceptively difficult in ensuring that the piece both doesn't rush but maintains a contemplative momentum. I think it's exceptionally beautiful, and as the finale of the set I feel requires the most artistic consideration of the three.